Read My World, the international literature festival of Amsterdam, focuses on literature that explores the boundaries of journalism. The next edition will take place on September 12, 13, and 14, 2014 in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord and highlight journalism, literature – and everything in between – from the Caribbean. Follow the latest news on Read My World on this website, Facebook, and Twitter! You can also apply for our newsletter.

Read My World is an Amsterdam literary initiative that offers a stage for international new literary developments. Read My World does so by means of an international visitors’ program, a website, and a festival.

Read My World challenges Dutch and international authors to explore the boundaries between literature and (research) journalism. Each year, the platform focuses on a different region and invites local curators to introduce writers and poets, who tell stories that go beyond the cursory headlines with which the news is generally presented to us.

Read My World is also the primary international literary festival of Amsterdam that premiered in 2013. The following people are continuously working on the preparations for the festival. They can be contacted for further information:

Algemeen/ general: info@readmyworld.nl
Pers/ press: pers@readmyworld.nl


Daphne de Heer: daphne@readmyworld.nl
Willemijn Lamp: willemijn@readmyworld.nl
Matthijs Ponte: matthijs@readmyworld.nl
Sarien Zijlstra: sarien@readmyworld.nl


Karin Amatmoekrim, Joost Baars and Christine Otten


Read my World is the result of a cooperation between PerduSLAA and School der Poëzie.


All designs by Meeus Ontwerpt.


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