UNOM (Untouchable Nobody Outplays Many) groeide op op Sint Maarten als Jörgen Gario en maakt vanaf het eerste uur deel uit van Poetry Circle Nowhere. Hij reisde langs vele podia in Nederland, Johannesburg, Antwerpen en Manchester. Inspiratiebronnen zijn zijn creatieve moeder, filosofie, liefde en existentialisme. Dit alles vertaalt zich in melodische reggaevibes en abstract, explosief spoken word.


UNOM (Untouchable Nobody Outplays Many) grew up on Saint Martin as Jörgen Gario and was one of the first members of the Poetry Circle Nowhere. The first time he got on a stage was in club Paradiso in 2007 and he hasn’t come off it since. UNOM has performed at many venues in the Netherlands, but has also been to places like Johannesburg, Antwerp, and Manchester. He says to be inspired by his creative mom, the philosophy books in his backpack, love, and existentialism. This is translated into clear images mixed with melodious reggae vibes straight from his roots, as well as abstract, explosive spoken word.