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Poetry: Rob Halpern

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Missing in the count now counts as one
– counts as if one weren’t already
Counted others missing being shows

One counting things abducted states
Arms ears whose hearing’s hulking mass
Can’t hear the excess of our industry

– selling senses counting bodies we can
Eat these grids of recognition mangle
Things count what counting can’t have

Been inducted into what this cant
Can’t mean yr touch yr tongue the proof

                           – my body will have been this place.

(From: Rob Halpern, Disaster Suites)


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Agenda, English, Poetry, RMW Festival 2013

Disaster Suites (Rob Halpern) (ZON | SUN)


(Nederlands onder)

In June 2013, publishing house Perdu started the Sporenreeks, a new series of contemporary experimental poetry in translation. Read My World will launch and discuss the second book published in the series: Rampensuites by Rob Halpern (US), translated into Dutch by Frank Keizer and Samuel Vriezen, who also wrote the afterword.

The poems from Disaster Suites were written during the Bush administration in 2005-2006. They register a disastrous political landscape, while at the same seeking to offer openings for another world. Amidst the disaster, in a universe that has become ‘fateless’ and which we navigate without a star map, without a guide, Halpern’s poetry sings with a lively, lyrical voice, full of longing. It is compelling, compact and complex, yet familiar as the language of our world. Natural catastrophes, politics, war, film and tv, sex, philosophy, economics, and love are mixed in a rhythmically driven language, in which the poet, within each word, fights for meaning in the name of the singing body, against all oppression.

4 – 6 PM
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