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Identity and humour on the border of literature and journalism (SAT | ZA)



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Writers Ala Hlehel and Asis Aynan talk to each other about identity, the function of humor, and the role of writers in the public debate.

Hlehel’s realistic, humorous narratives operate within the tradition of Palestinian literature as found in the works of Emile Habibi and Ghassan Kanafani. His work has been summarized before in the following way: ‘Emerging from familiar, everyday situations, his texts often develop a parabolic or surreal character, revealing hypocrisy and injustice alongside absurdity, contingency, and transience.’

Asis Aynan (Haarlem, 1980) wrote the autobiographical collection of short stories Veldslag en andere herinneringen (Pitched battle and other memories) (2007), about his youth as a catholic-islamic Berber. He also wrote the novel about an immigrant living in IJmuiden Ik, Driss (2010), which was made into a musical that has successfully toured the country. At the moment, he is working on a new novel and a collection of short stories. He is also a columnist for Folia Magazine and ZemZem.

Moderated by Wim Brands.

9 – 10 PM

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