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Watching Arabs with Arabs | Arabieren kijken met Arabieren (Za | SAT)


(Nederlands onder)

In January 2013 the book Arabieren kijken (Watching Arabs) came out. In this work, Hassnae Bouazza shows us ‘the ordinary’ people from the Arab world. These are not people who, like the images in the media want to make us believe, burn flags on a daily basis and resent the western world, but people who share universal desires and feelings and who even watch Arab Idol. Bouazza’s book zooms in on the role of the media, on how they have contributed to the current political revolutions and how we deal with this here, in the calm and quiet Netherlands. In this program, we will see a few clips from television series and soaps, which Bouazza has selected especially for this afternoon. Together with Petra Stienen and Asmaa Azaizeh she will discuss why these images determine or overthrow our views on Arabs.
Read en excerpt of Arabieren Kijken (in Dutch) here.

6 – 7 PM
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